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Established since 1994 Bugbusters is operated by Managing Director, Lois G Clark. The company is well known in Benidorm and the Costa Blanca with a solid regular client base who use the services of Bugbusters to control all associated pests within both commercial and domestic premises. Specialising in Bars, Restaurants and Private Homes in Spain.

Lois is fully qualified, registered and legal in all aspects of pest management. Trained in Spain holding all recognised certificates as required under legislation, and is registered to practice by the Generalitat Valenciana health authority.

Bugbusters is totally dedicated wherever you have a bug problem, be it, home, garden, bar, food premises, apartments or hotels. As Lois says "There is no bug too tough when you call Bugbusters"

Bugbusters only uses the safest recognised quality bio-cides and purchase only the top end range of gels including Goliath ( Fipronil based), nebulizers and pheromone traps to comply with best practice.

One of the biggest worries for business clients is the effect of lost revenue when infestations occur which can mean closure of a business, especially in the food industry. The law in Spain is clear. You must have a pest control management system in place and must be de-infested when opening a business and annually thereafter. Using the services of Bugbusters means you will be in safe hands, on the right side of the law.The company also now use only Goliath Fipronil based gels which means YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CLOSE as there is no odour and no possibility of tainting or contaminating food products.

The effects are amazing as it works immediately on all Cockroach infestations. Pheromone traps are incredibly effective as well. Lois also carries out her work with great interest & zest. The all important female touch!

Lois G Clark

You will not be disappointed with the service that Bugbusters offer you from this family owned company. Lois also speaks fluent French & Spanish. Her vehicle is fully equipped, licenced and registered to carry these regulated chemicals on call 24/7 within reason!

Lois looks forward to taking care of you pest control in Spain to eradicate, Cockroach, Ant, Termite, Flies, Wasp and Rodent infestations in Benidorm. We also cover Pest Control in Altea, Albir, Marina Biaxa, Calpe, Denia and Alicante areas along the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Prevention measures you can take against cockroach infestations, our number one pest nuisance in Spain. Carefully inspect all incoming deliveries, cartons, groceries, cardboard boxes, laundry, luggage, used furniture and appliances and firewood for the presence of roaches or their egg cases.

Indoors, all potential hiding and breeding areas should be eliminated. Cracks, crevices and holes in floors, walls and ceilings should be repaired and openings around plumbing fixtures, flues, electrical outlets, heating ducts, between window sills and walls, and along skirting boards and ceiling moldings should be sealed.

Cleanliness in the home or business greatly lessens the possibility of cockroach infestation. Unwashed dishes and kitchen utensils and exposed food should not be left out overnight. All spilled liquids should be cleaned up.Cupboards, pantry shelves, storage bins, appliance motor housings and floors where food particles accumulateshould be cleaned often, first by vacuuming and then with soapy water. Kitchen wastes and dry pet food should bekept in containers with tightly fitting lids. All leaky pipes, backed up drains, condensation problems and other sources of moisture must be repaired or eliminated.

Control: Only after these preventative methods have been employed should you begin your efforts to control the pests with insecticides or traps. The first sign of infestation may be scattered roach body fragments on the floor or individual roach egg cases. Enter dark rooms with a flashlight to locate infested areas. Because various combinations of cockroaches can occur in the same building, it is essential to accurately identify the species. This will enable you to use control measures that work effectively with specific behavioral patterns and life requirements of each particular species.

Non-chemical Controls: Non Baited Traps can be an effective way to reduce cockroach populations (especially against brown-banded and German cockroaches) and whenever possible should be used in combination with preventative measures andinsecticidal treatments. Most cockroach traps are rectangular or triangular cardboard "boxes" open at both ends with the inside surface banded with a very sticky adhesive and food attractant. Roaches enter the trap and are immobilized in the adhesive. Traps should be positioned (with both ends unobstructed) so as to intercept roaches as they travel from their hiding places to food sources. If no cockroaches are caught in a trap after two nights, change its location. A properly placed trap can catch numerous adults and/or nymphs on a daily basis (as long as they are replaced when full). Traps are also important for monitoring cockroach activity; for example, assisting in species identification, identifying infested areas, determining relative population density, determining population composition (adults vs nymphs) and monitoring effectiveness of chemical controls. Traps are inexpensive, easy to use, disposable and contain no toxic substances.

Who ya gonna call? BUGBUSTERS BENIDORM 619-054-939

Our Mission

Be effective in pest control

Understand your Business needs

Go that extra mile to satisfy our clients

Be professional at all times

Use only the best available Chemicals, Traps and Termination methods

Sustain a continued relationship with our clients

Take all measures necessary to eliminate infestations

Explain procedures thoroughly to clients

Return if premises are re-infested

Save clients cash be being cost effective

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